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Yajna Remedy for planets

Navagrah or the nine planets are the basis of astrology. The nine planets Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu (shadow planets) affects one’s life through their radiations, energy and also depicts one’s karma through astrology.

Whatsoever the karma or relation of a human beings is with these celestial bodies, by humble prayers and showing gratitude can change the relationship & alter chemistry with any living object.

The subtle energies of the planets exists in various elements on earth like specific natural rocks composition which is made into gemstones, trees for different planets, different directions, colours, chakras, shapes, sound vibrations and more.

By making use of different techniques using one or more elements, one can make the energies or vibrations of certain or all planets positive/ benefit for oneself. Just like wearing a specific gemstone ring in a particular finger on a particular day by chanting a particular mantra changes the chemistry of that planet with one’s body. The dis-balance of the energy of the particular planet is balanced hence changing the effect of the planet in one’s life.

Similar to gemstones remedy, another very effective remedy is Yajna for planets. A combined Yajna for all the planets is also preferred as it effect all the aspects of one’s life in a positive manner.

In navgrah yajna, the dried wood of trees corresponding to different planets are used with other material like clarified butter, havan samagri, til etc combined with the sound vibrations of energy and homas to fire, spreads the medicinal aromatic and energizing ions to surrounding atmosphere. Such air when breathed in, cures the body and chakras and hence eliminating the ill effects of planets, and establishing a positive relation with planets.

Here are the woods to be used in Navgrah Yajna.

Sun: Arka

Moon: Dhak

Mars: Khaira

Mercury: Apamarga

Jupiter: Peepal

Venus: Gular

Saturn: Shami

Rahu: Durva/Doob

Ketu: Kush

These woods are difficult to find in city and plains. Cafe Ashram provides you a kit for all these different planet’s wood from Himalayan range available on request. For the planets wood kit write to us.

A regular Yajna with these woods and Navgrah mantra gives immense benefit in all aspects varying from improving health, wealth, marriage, family, children, destroying enemy, gaining spirituality and others.

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