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Woman – The Key to Happiness at Home

A woman is the center of the family. She is the creator, supporter and is responsible for expansion of the family. A woman is the nourisher of the family. She fills a house with the warmth of her emotion and make it a home. The female energy is the source for life like the earth. This is why earth is called as ‘mother earth’. Just like a temple without the idol is of no importance, so is the temple of home without the woman.

Millions of people are experiencing difficult family life. People do not feel peace at home and hence they spend more time outside. There is only one way to make home a peaceful place, where one gets the deep sleep to rejuvenate for the next morning. For a happy home, it is necessary for the WOMAN of the home to be happy.

A family can never prosperous if the woman’s heart is in pain, if she is not healthy or if she is dissatisfied with her life.

A woman gives her life’s purpose for the home and expect very little from family members. Among the littles, these are few chosen ones, which the other family members should take care for her:

#1 Dignity:

The first aspect of woman’s happiness is her dignity. She deserves respect for what she contributes to make the home the best place on the earth for any human being. Society has already cut short on the respect she deserves as she used to get in ancient time. In ancient India, females right from 3 years to 80 years were not called by their names but were called ‘Devi’ which means goddess or ‘Mata’ which means mother. Societies have deteriorated from such golden era to today where there are millions of crime with women daily.

In such unfortunate era where a woman feel insecure outside, at least she should get ample dignity and respect for her to feel assured at home.

  #2 Share responsibility:

A woman is the nourisher of the family, but it’s not only her responsibility to take care of daily needs of her home. Running a home is like running a startup with 4-5 employees. It is not easy to take care of meals, clothing, hygiene, medicines, schooling and hundred of big or small tasks in a home. Just like a team a family also runs with collaboration. A 9-5 job is much easier than looking after a home without assistance. Everybody in a family should contribute based on their capability and time. A collaborative family is the most happy family. A woman gets her own time when in such a model otherwise she can get bore and of her monotonous household responsibility leading to depression. The 21st century super woman who is doing all this plus exceeding in her career and contributing to family’s financial requirement need a huge applaud for her highly skilled management and multitasking skills.

A family should take care to distribute the joint responsibilities of a family equally which as a result leads to a happy woman and hence a happy family.

#3 Aspirations & Dreams:

Families nurture a child whether male or female in similar way except in narrow minded societies where families treat children differently based on their gender. A child has bundle of dreams as she grows. Girls being more creative and imaginative add more stars and flowers to their dreams. As a girl enters womanhood after marriage, suddenly her aspirations gets to the background in the light of realities of life. She sacrifices her dreams at each step of her married life and at a stage, she stops dreaming. This is very dangerous for a woman. If we halt the creativity of a woman, this could lead to a bad health or sorrow as she is going against her true nature.

Let the woman of the family dream and fulfill their aspirations. It is the responsibility of a good family member of take care of her dreams.

#4 Relationships:

Female energy is the emotional energy and the core of any relation is emotion. A woman is more emotional towards her relationship from childhood. She is more close to her parents, siblings, friends, husband, children due to her basic nature. A female will remember important events, memories and make sure to cherish them. A woman should have all freedom to take care of all her relationships being it visiting a childhood friend, taking care of her parents or making a new friend. Indian society still follows the old culture of a last ritual ‘Vidai’ meaning ‘Adieu’ of bride on her marriage where the family members gets emotional as she leave her family and friends to join her husband’s family. I personally feel the society need to reform this with time. The ritual emboss such a strong feeling in family members as if she is born to sacrifice all her relationships. And this sets the same expectation from day one in her marriage life.

The family should help her in rejoicing all her relations.

#5 Fun factor:

Female energy in astrology is depicted by two planets i.e. Venus and moon. These female planets are responsible for the passion, joy, peace and happiness in one’s life. To be happy one need to enjoy life, have fun and be joyous. These factors are of much importance for woman as they represents the two planetary energies. Being the heart of family, it is important for the heart to be light. A lighthearted person lives longer and fills the home with positive energy. A female smile, glitter in her eyes brings charisma and good luck to the family.

Try to make the females of family laugh and smile often and add fun factor in their lives.


The key to happiness is to be with a happy female energy. If you are having a difficult family life, check the women’s physical and emotional health of your home. As the home without a mother, wife and daughter is a dry home. We need to pay attention to these energies which make house – a happy home. 

Happy Reading!


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