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What is the significance of Arudha Lagna and how can you find the Arudha lagna from Lagna chart.

Arudha (pronounced as ‘Aarood’ in sanskrit) is to ‘get upon’ or ‘risen one’. Arudha is important to get an idea how one is perceived by the outer world. The ‘image’ one carry in the eyes of the others is what it clearly signifies. It is what is manifested materially and the world can see. For example, if a person is super intelligent but he has no achievements/awards due to not so good luck, the world might not perceive the intelligence at the first impression, because he has nothing in his portfolio. But a mediocre intelligent person who has awards and recognition due to a good fortune might be seen as a super intelligent by the world.

As to be able to understand ourselves better and to be successful, it is important we know about ourself, our personality and how we reflect to the world (Lagna). Along with this it is beneficial to know how the world perceive us, what image we carry in the world (Arudha Lagna).

To calculate the Arudha lagna, here are the steps:

  1. In native’s birth chart, find where the Ascendant lord is placed. Now count the no. of houses the Ascendant lord (Lagnesh) is placed (away) from the Ascendant (Lagna). If Lagnesh is placed in 11th house, it is 11 signs away from lagna.
  2. Now count the same no. of houses from the Lagnesh i.e. If Lagnesh is in 11th house, then count 11 from that 11th house i.e. the 9th house.
  3. So the 9th house will be considered as the Arudha lagna (or also known as Pada lagna) for that native.


Lagna sign tells about the quality you hold, but Arudha Lagna sign tells the quality people perceive in you. For e.g. A cancer lagna with moon in 11th house, Arudha lagna comes to 9th house on Lagna chart i.e. Pisces sign. A cancer sign person who is full of emotions, care, love can be perceived as a detached, moody, meditative, hidden personality by the outside world.

Arudha lagna is also known as Pada Lagna in sanskrit. Arudha can be calculated not only for Lagna but can be similarly done for studying any house in detail.

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