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What do you want from your life?

Most of us have faced this questions many times in our life, be it in childhood, teenage, being young or middle-aged. Some of us might not be clear of what to do with our lives, and some might have different goals at different stages of life. What I wanted at age of 22 is completely different from what I now want at 36.

Life is as fluid as water. It is unpredictable and uncertain. No two days in our life is exactly the same. No two people no matter how similar or close they are can have similar lives. So, in such a liquid state, how can one answer the question “What do I want from my life?”

Here are few points which I feel is necessary to answer this question at the different point in life.

1. Acceptability:

The first essential parameter for answering this question truly is to accept life’s uncertainty. You may want different things at the different point of time. Priorities keep on changing. So, it’s completely OK if you feel that your goals are changing with time. That’s the way it ideally should be. If you think that your goals are the same from many years then either you need to rethink, or your goals are universal and ultimate goals like serving society or attaining salvation which can be same throughout life.

2. Evolving Passion:

The other parameter which drives to the answer for what you want from your life is your passion. And passion keeps on evolving. Five years down the timeline, I was passionate about writing poems. I wrote around 150 poems in 2-3 years and suddenly the passion for writing poems faded or got transformed or evolved into writing articles. As your emotional patterns change, the passion also changes. So be ready to evolve your passion.

3. Reiterate goals:

The next parameter which plays a major role in clearer goals for life is the fact that you need to reiterate your goals frequently. You may revisit your goals every 6 months or year and make changes to details of your goals. Reiterating goals is essential to avoid you feel lost when you keep on working and forget to look at targets.

4. Value Addition:

This parameter, if added to your goal will make it bigger and universal. And when the goal is universal, it sustains longer and is the voice of the soul. What value are you adding to the society?” is the question you should ask early and often. Any work which does not contribute to society is short-lived for sure. If your goal adds value to the society, your passion will amplify with time.

5. Curiosity:

In whatever area you built your goals, if you don’t have curiosity in that area, your passion will die soon. Identify which area of life you have curiosity in. Built your goals in that area. Even if your passion evolves gradually, your curiosity will hold your passion for the same area.


Once you are able to understand these parameters, it will help a lot to answer the most popular questions i.e. What do you want from your life?


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