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Vastu suggestion – Find suitable city to live and work

Ancient Indian Vedic texts are full of knowledge; not just for spiritual growth but also things which impact day to day lives of an individual in a social system. The bundles of text written by our sages covers every aspect of life and all major and minor subject in form of vedas, puranas and upanishads. In Narad Puran, sages have described where a person should live to gain maximum peace, prosperity and growth. Whether its business, job or personal growth everything depends immensely on the place and surroundings in which a person lives. Therefore it is very important to choose the place of living and work very wisely.

About the method

This method make use of hindi alphabets (varnamala) to suggest which place would be fruitful for the person and how to select it based on his name and city name.

Fig 1
Fig 1: Varg Chart – Reference Narada Puran

Fig 2a
Fig 2a: Varg Chart (Translated for English Viewers – Refer Fig 3 for understanding)

Fig 2b
Fig 2b: Varg Chart (Translated for English Viewers – Refer Fig 3 for understanding)

Fig 3: Varga Description

How to use this method

You can use above charts to find whether the city/village you are living it is well suited for your prosperity or not? For this, you need to know the varga for your first name and for your city name. E.g., Neelima lives in Chandigarh. Now person name ‘Neelima’ starts with alphabet ‘N’ and its sounds is ‘Na’. ‘Na’ belongs to ‘ta’ varga (see fig 3 above, 4th row from bottom) so the varga for Neelima would be ‘ta’ varga, and place name ‘Chandigarh’ starts with letter ‘cha’ which belongs to ‘ch’ varga (see fig 3 above, 6th row from bottom) so the varga for place Chandigarh would be ‘Ch’.


Person Name: Neelima, Varga: ‘Ta’

Place Name: Chandigarh, Varga: ‘Ch’

Now refer chart shown in fig. 2a or 2b above and see where these varga are placed in the chart.

Rule 1 for checking suitability:

One should not live in a place (city/village) whose varga is placed opposite to it or comes 5th in counting from his name varga (count name varga as 1st and move in clockwise direction). Such place is not suitable for the person to live, work or do any business. E.g., Abhinav living in Delhi, Abhinav belongs to ‘A’ varga and Delhi starts with letter ‘D’ or sound ‘da’ which belongs to ‘ta’ varg. Now as per Rule 1, count clockwise in the varga chart starting from ‘A’ varga till ‘Ta’ varga. We see that ‘Ta’ falls directly opposite and 5th from ‘A’ varga, therefore it is not a suitable place to live and work for Abhinav.

Rule 2 for checking prosperity:

To check how fruitful is a place for a person in terms of wealth, business etc. Let’s understand through an example. Person ‘Naresh’ wants to set up a business in place ‘Ghaziabad’. His name Naresh comes in varga ‘Ta’, whose number is 5 (see chart in fig. 2a/2b) and place Ghaziabad comes in varga ‘ka’ which has number 2 (see chart in fig. 2a/2b).

PROFIT Calculation: Now keep the number of Name varga (5) at Tens place and place varga (2) at ones place => 52; now divide this by 8 and find the remainder.

Remainder of 52/8 is 4. There for 4 is the magnitude of Profit. Therefore 4 is the magnitude of Profit.

LOSS Calculation: Now keep the number of Place varga (2) at Tens place and Name varga (5) at ones place => 25; now divide this by 8 and find the remainder.

Remainder of 25/8 is 1. Therefore 1 is the magnitude of Loss.

Hence, In this example 52/8 leaves remainder 4 which is the profit, 25/8 leaves remainder 1, which is the loss.

As profit is four times the loss, Ghaziabad is a good place for Naresh to start any business.

Important: If remainder = 0, consider it as ‘8’.

By this method one can easily check and find a suitable place to live, work or do business to gain maximum benefits.

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