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Skin care with ayurveda

Treat your skin allergies with the Magic of Ayurveda

Only if we invested a lot more time on preparing a few ayurvedic remedies at home to treat our skin problems rather than blindly spending money on those fancy cosmetic treatments to treat even a single popped out pimple. Then the scene would have been a lot less messy for our skin as well as our pockets!

Thanks to the endless environmental problems, unhealthy lifestyle, hectic routine, polluted outside and polluted insides. We have managed to make ourselves bins overtime with our eating habits and what goes inside reflects on the outside. Yeah? Same is the case with our skin. Our internal health shows up on our skin with time.


Who doesn’t want a beautiful skin? We all do, whether man or a woman we dream of squeaky clean glossy skin but unfortunately we are not blessed with it and even if we are the external factors find a way to destroy it.

There are numerous types of skin allergies that come in the way of flaunting our beautiful skin.

These are classified into four categories:

Atopic Dermatitis


This is known as Eczema in a layman’s language. It is more prevalent in children although it can happen at any age. Environmental factors trigger this mainly. If you have an itchy, irritated skin with rashes it could be due to inflammation and one of the underlying reasons for this could be eczema.



This particular inflammation happens in the most sensitive areas of the body like inside mouth, in or around genitals, on the eyelids, therefore extra care must be taken for this. This is further of two types; Acute and Chronic. Where acute troubles for a few hours and sometimes just causes a sensation for a few minutes various chronic angiodema can last from 1 to 2 days. The reason behind angiodema remains unidentified, however.

Contact Dermatitis


This happens when your skin comes in direct contact with any allergen. Some of the triggers are shampoos, soaps, detergents etc. that come in the contact with your skin. It causes itching, rashes, redness.

Hives (Urticaria)


It happens when the body reacts quite abnormally to certain allergens. When this happens you will witness plaques, swelling and red bumps on the affected areas.


To the never-ending problems, Ayurveda has the unlimited solution:

Aloe Vera

It is endowed with the power of nature. An all rounder it boasts anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties. Relieve you ski from the many curses of skin infection with Aloe Vera.

The results would be lot quicker if you use raw aloe vera rather than one sold in the markets. Extract the gel and when it is fresh apply the paste to inflamed area. Let it settle and wash it within half an hour. It will provide instant relief, reduce redness. Also, it is really good for face skin as it moistures, rejuvenates, heals, adds glow. Apply the raw gel atleast 4 times daily on the cleaned skin. Do not put the gel directly onto your skin if you have just come back from outdoors. Wash your skin clean it only then apply.


You can easily find this in your local market, known as montomorillonite and also as bentonite.

Soothe the pesky feeling of itching and acne by applying this. If your skin problem has been caused by biting of any insect or maybe spider, wasp, ant or some other slightly venomous creature then use and apply this to soothe and cure your skin. Clay will help absorball the impurities and leave you and your skin in its best condition.

Take some decent amount of clay and add water. Remember not to make it too watery. It should be made into a smooth paste. Apply this gently to the infected area and allow it to dry. On drying wash it off with clean water.

It would be even better if you add apple cider vinegar to the clay. As apple cider vinegar is an antiseptic its antifungal and bacteria killing properties will heal your skin in every way.


This name just pops out every time we think of any problem it is there to spellbound us with its magic.

Take a few neem leaves. You will get them most probably from a neem tree in our vicinity. Boil these leaves in water and after straining cool down the magic potion and what next? Just apply it to the infected area. This can be done with the help of a cotton ball. Practice this 2 to 3 times a day till the problem vanishes.

Baking Soda

For the time your infected skin sucks the life out of you by giving an itching sensation.

Mix water (3 teaspoons), baking soda (1 teaspoon), prepare a thick paste and leave it on for 5 minutes.

Ayurveda has its own way of making things wonderful in our life. Try these remedies for yourself and witness problems vanish and things change.


About Author:

Dr. Satnam Singh is an expert Ayurveda consultant in Jalandhar (India) and he is the founder of Arogyam Allergy Centre. He has vast experience of herbs and their applied uses. He has successfully treated numerous patients suffering from various ailments, throughout the world. Contact with him:




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