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The Ultimate LAW – The Law of KARMA

Life is neither a coincidence nor a series of unplanned event. Just like the widespread nature is balancing herself with the set rules defined for its behaviour, similarly there are set rules defined for life. Life is such well organized and systematic that nobody can question the system governing it. Those who question life are unfortunately not aware of its system, rules and regulation.

Whatever incidents or actions are manifesting in our lives, they have two dimensions to it. One is visible and other is invisible. The visible, instant or direct dimension is called the activity around the life and the invisible, oblique and the one which is gone past dimension is called the reason or factor which determines the first dimension.

The factor or reason for a tree is in the seed, that was sowed long back in the womb of earth. The seed dissolved in the earth to produce the sprout which developed into plant and then into the big tree which is visible on the surface.

Nature has the same rule for inside as well as outside. The rule for life is the same rule for tree. The incidents manifesting in our life now, is the result of our past deeds. The past deeds get absorbed in the womb of subconscious mind resulting in sprouts of incidents in our lives.

The problem we are facing right now is that we can see only one dimension of life which is visible. We are neither aware of the invisible and below the scene dimension nor we are trying to find it out. It is same condition as one approve the tree but denies the root and the seed just because it is not visible on surface.

Let’s understand it better by an ancient Indian story of mahabharata epic. There lived an old brahmin lady called Gautami. One day a snake bit her one and only son and the son died. When the incident occurred, there was an eyewitness huntsman who caught the snake and presented it in front of  Gautami. He said ” This snake is the killer of your son. Tell me how do you want to take the revenge. Should i cut it into pieces or throw it into fire?”. Gautami saw the trapped snake and told the huntsman to leave it alive. Huntsman was astonished by her remarks. She said “Please leave aside the snake. Even if you kill it, my son won’t come alive. It has done what it was supposed to do and it will not harm me any more.” On hearing the conversation the snake said “I have done no sin. I was inspired for death of her son, so i bite him.”

Indian ancient epics has the beauty to explain the life’s behind the scene truths through short stories.

The takeaway is – Who so becomes the medium, the reason is the KARMA.

Think deeply about it!


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