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time and life energy

The Time Clock and the Life Energy – What is the purpose of Life?

The time clock of the universe runs at its streamlined pace. Nobody can interfere in its speed. “आनीदवतं स्वधया तदेकम् ।” from Rig Veda means the time need no medium (not even air) to breathe.

“Whether anybody exist or not, time moves on”. This is worth thinking and realization. If we look from a bird-eye view to our existence i.e. the present life or the past lives on earth. Or we think about our non-existence i.e. the vacuum between death and next birth, nothing is in our hand. We have NO control on time. The time of our birth, death and the duration we get to spend in a birth which we call as LIFE and is very precious to us…we simply have no control over it.

If time is such an important and eternal factor governing the universe, is there anything else also that we have access to, or a connection, a purpose which keeps the life going on?

There is only one thing which goes hand in hand with the TIME i.e. the life energy or PRAAN (प्राण) in Hindi. There is no English synonym for this beautiful word ‘Praan’. You may say it life energy, spirit, the soul, the breath of life or brahma. It is a matter which also do not require a medium to travel just like ‘Time’. Praan exist everywhere. It is the life inside the oxygen we intake or the life inside a fruit. That’s why it is observed people living in fresh air and eating healthier tends to live longer and healthy life. If we remove Praan from our body, our body will die.

Praan is the life energy that inter-connects everything in the universe. It is the transformational energy, which travel from me to you to the plants or to any living organism. When someone die we say in Hindi “ प्राण निकल गए “ means there is no more Praan inside the body.

Furthermore, the quality of Life energy inside us at the time of death determines our next birth and the learning we need to take that transform in the form of events. As we improve our life energy, we are then aligned to different situations, places  and people that matches our energy. The more we raise our life energy and vibrations the more we benefit.

Birth and death are the conversion of energy from one dimension to the another, from physical to non physical and again to physical, and the cycle goes on.

Immortality is the strongest wish of human being. Nobody wants to die. Leaving the body is the biggest fear in human being and we even don’t want to discuss this or even think about it. In most of the culture, talking or dreaming about death is even call it inauspicious.

We understand that we have limited time on earth for this Life. We waste our life without thinking how we can improve our life-energy and hence improving our lives ahead. Isn’t that unfair? Probably the society should be designed to let people realize the real purpose of life. Rather the society should design the education systems for the real purpose only. Just like the ancient India had Gurukuls where saints educate the real purpose in budding minds. Also, our current education system and the work culture purposely deviate us from the real reason for birth.

I think about this often. I feel the sorrow in our life is because we have lost our real purpose and there is no guidance or hope to find it.  And I end this blog with this quest of mine with you to brainstorm and meditate on this and let me know your point of view.


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One Response to The Time Clock and the Life Energy – What is the purpose of Life?

  1. Anu July 29, 2017 at 12:06 am #

    Worth reading..!

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