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The INNER and the OUTER wealth – A Moral Story

The topic “inner and the outer wealth” reminds of an old Indian story. Once there lived a saint called Kanad (कणाद) in the empire of a generous king. The saint was called ‘Kanad’ by the people of his village as he fed himself by picking up the leftover grains from the crop-fields after the crops were cut. He was least bothered of what he has and what not, whether he has eater well or not. Saint focused on his inner journey and lived a happy, healthy and satisfactory life.

The king of the empire came to know about the shortage of resources for the saint and being generous, he sent his minister with lot of wealth and food resources for him. But the saint refused to take anything and said to the minister “I don’t need it. Please distribute this wealth to people who really need it”.

The king tried several times by one way or the other to give something to saint but of no use. Even once the king went himself but again the saint refused to take anything. The saint went on living the same way by picking grains from farmers field and live a blissful life.

The king got very confused. He could see that the saint has nothing, and still he is not ready to take anything from anyone. He shared his confusion with his queen. The queen was wise and intelligent. She told the king “ You have made a big mistake by thinking that the saint is in need. You should go to the saint not to give anything but to receive knowledge”. The one who has the inner wealth are the only one who has the ability to abandon the outer wealth. The king realized what queen said and went back to the saint to get knowledge.

Moral of the Story:

Inner wealth is subtle & stable while outer wealth is unstable & physical. The attachment to the outer wealth induces unknown fear.  And fear is one of the cause of misery. Outer wealth is lost when one dies while inner wealth stays forever.

Because our soul is eternal, it always craves for something that is stable and long lasting. The wisdom, intuition and knowledge are few attributes which are long lasting and eternal. The soul can carry these inner wealth with itself once it leaves the physical body. A person who realizes the importance of inner wealth will change the focus of life towards it and loosen its grip on accumulation of outer wealth. Only one of the two can remain in foreground and the other will go into background.

Implementation of the Moral:

If a moral cannot be brought into practice, it is of no use. Let’s see how we can bring this moral into our lives:

#1 Develop Intuition

Intuition is one of the inner wealth which we can grow and sharpen consistently. It is our first guiding voice which is the true voice. It guides us to the best choice we should make while taking a decision with respect to the time and situation. We should always rely on the first voice of our heart. Once a person grows the habit to listen to one’s intuition, the voice will grow stronger and guide to the purpose of one’s life. A person who listens to his/her intuition, always lives a happy and prosperous life as the intuition is the voice of God.

#2 Relationships:

When you get into a relationship and want it to last longer, you should focus on the ingredients for stability i.e. understanding, respect, detachment, freedom, growth. If one focus on the physical and unstable factors i.e. looks, money, pleasure, attachment etc, there are more chances that the relationship will end, change or dry up soon.

#3 Gratitude

Are you more of a giver or taker? Are you satisfied with what you have or keep on wishing for more? If we are a taker and feel dissatisfied with your life, you need to change your attitude for better. Drop the habit of asking for more. Pray God for gratitude and not only for fulfillment of your wishes. When you ask for more, the inner self contracts and when you are a giver the inner self expands. Develop the feeling of gratitude and giving with the capacity of what you have without asking for more.

#4 Clutter-free home clutter-free mind

Watch if you have developed the habit of collecting things. Scrutinize your home and see how many unnecessary or duplicate things have you collected. Keep your home clutter free to develop the habit of living in lighter physical space with more open space. The same will be reflected over to your mind, and the mind will also adopt to keep itself clean from unnecessary thoughts and junk.

Stay Blessed! Happy Reading!


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