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Taurus Horoscope

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TAURUS (20 Apr – 20 May) 

Taurus (The Bull) is the 2nd sign of the zodiac. Taurians are silent, slow and reserved people unless intimidated. Being the first earth sign of the zodiac, Taurus people have qualities of the earth like fertility, creativity, ability to produce life, gradual movement and stability. Their steadiness is often confused with inactivity, which is not the case. Taurians optimize their efforts to produce best results. With Rocksteady belief, once they commit they do everything to fulfill their promise. Highly adamant people with tremendous energy like a bull.


Taurus person is always focussed on stable life and mind. You do not feel comfortable in much movement just like a bull. Stable by the mind, you are very clear in your decisions and sometimes adamant too. This year, you need to focus on your own well-being. When you focus on self, you will work towards more stability whether it is financial, relationship, health, career or home. Your material wealth will increase overall. You will get more energy and passion for focusing on yourself and your goals. You will have energy and passion for nurturing and growing.

Venus is your ruler, starts the year with its exaltation sign that is Pisces. Venus love combined with the Fish’s imaginative and sensitive sign. You would love to write, read and shall prefer to be in your own imaginative world. You will have optimistic and a mystical feeling all around you that puts you in a good mood with a good kick start to the year. This year gives you confidence and vision to start something new. There are signals that you will make a big change or make new plans for a near and better future.

Retrograde Venus will ask you to inspect your relationships. Who makes you happy? Which relationships are worth having? When this retrograde ends, your feelings will also settle down and you will get answers to all your questions too.

The Sun moves into your determined sign in mid-May to mid-June, the sun being the ego can increase the stubbornness and possessiveness within you. But if you find a way to keep these negative qualities under control, you can use the warmth of the sun to warm yourself and your relationships. Sun as a significator of career, any plans that take root at this period is going to be successful.

Love Life

Situations might turn up that you get rid of unnecessary and complicated relationships. You need to pause in this period and introspect your relationships. Are you giving too much and getting nothing in return? Get the details correct and think. As a matter of caution, do not act in this period of one month. Mark your action after April 2018. You will get rid of old and unnecessary making space for new relationships. If you have gathered the cards, emails of an ex, get all them to recycle bin.

The Uranus-Venus conjunction in the beginning of June can be full of excitement. You might meet new and unusual people. You need to break your conservative side talking to the new people and in that way, you may see a new picture which is quite exciting and full of sparks. But you may not get into any long term relationship here.

As Venus-Pluto trine kick-off in October, the single Taureans starts looking for a long term relationship. You might give your anything it takes to fulfill your partner’s deepest desires and expect the same in return.

Career and Finance

Sun and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn gets you serious at work at the starting of the year. You should make a career roadmap at this time about what you want and where are you in the road map. You may suddenly take interest in career plans which you have left untouched from a long time. You need to be ready for action and proactive in turning your thoughts into actions.

Mars in a sign of Taurus will draw yourself into material gain and prosperity. It will give you the energy and resource to work on securing the goals you have in life

High ambitions due to Venus-Neptune conjunction in October might bring a taste of uncertainty or ambiguity. Do not invest in an unsecured plan which may lead to money loss during this time.


You need to take care of your health regularly this year. Water-borne diseases might be on the card. Take care of food hygiene especially while trying out street foods, to avoid stomach infection.


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