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Remedy for North-East Toilet – Biggest Vastu Dosha

North East is the Ishan cone of a house. It is the most pious direction. Incorrect elements in North-East direction calls for obstruction in life. Obstruction can be financial, reputation, health, happiness, spiritual or  any other aspect of life.

Among all such obstruction defects, toilet in North-East is the biggest defects of North-East, in fact the biggest of all Vastu doshas.

In case you have a toilet in North-East, you might observe wastage of money, never-ending debts, failure to pay loans and other related financial issues in your family. There can be the inability of decision making due to confusion, and cheerfulness may be missing in the family due to an unidentified depressive feeling.

The best remedy for North East toilet is to REMOVE that toilet.If possible, build a toilet in West, South, or North-West direction of the house/premises. But if removing the toilet is not possible or if you live in an apartment, you will not be able to demolish the North-East toilet. In such cases, below are some effective remedies:

  1. Place a glass bowl of solid rock salt in North-East toilet and change it once a week
  2. Place Guru Yantra on left, right and top of the door of North-East toilet from outside
  3. Place mirror on North-East wall inside the toilet
  4. Do a hole using drill machine in the North-East direction inside the toilet.
  5. Place a small electric fountain in North-East direction inside toilet, or place a pot full of water and keep changing water on regular basis
  6. Take a long panch-dhatu wire and get it embedded on the outer periphery of the door (either outside or inside), including the floor.
  7. Block the negative energy of toilet by putting Pyramid Band (Pyra-Band) on top of door frame from outside.
  8. Get yellow paint/sticker/tiles fixed on the floor at the entrance of the North East Toilet.


As Jupiter is the planet for North East, here are some remedies for afflicting Jupiter to be followed along with Vastu remedies:

  1. Donate yellow chana dal, on Thursdays
  2. Apply teeka of Haldi + Chandan daily
  3. Drink Haldi/Turmeric Milk regularly
  4. Use Guggul dhoop/agarbatti in Pooja room and outside North-East toilet regularly.
  5. Chant Vishnu Sahastranaam on every Thursday.


These remedies will surely subtle the ill-effects of North-East toilet at your home or office.

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