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The Power of Sound Healing – 5 Sound healing techniques to heal yourself

Sound has been used as a method of healing across cultures around the world from many centuries. Songs, Mantras, Instruments, singing bowls, bells, tuning forks, drums, wind chimes are used in ancient cultures as well as today for healing and going into deep meditation. The ancient India, Greece and Pythagoras has helped the world to discover the power of vibration and the power of Sound healing.

Basics of sound healing:

To understand the basics of sound healing, we can sit and gather our past experiences. Experiences of childhood or teenage when simply listening to a soothing song or music has changed our mood and sometimes made our day. There are past experiences with most of us when sleeping while listening our favorite number resulted in a deep sleep or refreshing nap.

A sound is not always the healing sound. The sound of fights, traffic, crying, noise is irritating and add to stress. Only sound with certain frequency and wavelength is used to heal and restore harmony to the body.

The Science behind sound healing:

Sound Waves helps to attune the vibration of different body parts to the vibration of the sound or music. Depending on the vibration of sound, the frequency of our brainwaves gets attuned and change from beta state (waked consciousness) to alpha (relaxed consciousness), to theta (meditative state) and delta (healing state). In the delta state, the electrical activity in the brain gets slowed down which is good for relaxation of the brain. As the frequencies come down, from 500 to 400 hertz, the healing gets deeper from your muscles to your joints and finally to the bones. At a much lower frequency, sound waves heal your cells.

Five sound healing techniques to heal yourself:

#1 Listening to music:

Most of us like music. Everyone has a list of favorite songs. Many people listen to light music while sleeping to cure insomnia and stress. Music of rains, sea and flute have healing effects and are available widely on the internet as therapeutic music.

#2 Healing Bells:

Bells are the ancient method of sound healing. Below are some of the ways in which you can make use of bells to reduce stress, relax, heal yourself and meditate.


Use a good meditation bell (easily available Online) and ring it starting from the top of the head to end of the spine from the front of the body and repeat it from bottom of the spine to top of the head. Hold the ringing bell at certain intervals of around 10 cms for around 20-30 seconds and then move on to the next level. This will cover the healing of all the seven chakras.

#3 Singing Bowls:

Singing bowls in another bell like instrument which is played by rotating a wooden log around the periphery of the bowl. It takes a little trick and practice to ring it. If you are using it yourself, sit down comfortably and keep the singing bowl at the position of your heart or navel and then produce the vibration healing sound. If some practitioner is using the singing bowl, then ring it seven times on the level of all seven chakras. You can give this treatment in lying position. 

#4 Chant Mantras:

‘OM’ is the master mantra and people practicing meditation use it for the same. Sit comfortably, close your eyes and take a deep breath. While releasing breath slowly, make a sound ‘O’ for two third of the breath span and ‘M’ for one-third of the breath span.

#5 Wind Chimes:

Wind chimes are recommended by Feng Shui for clearing negative energy. It is commonly available in online stores. Install wind chimes at a place where you meditate or relax. Music of Wind chimes is very effective in relaxing of mind and sleeping.

Music lovers, musicians, singers are often observed to be happy, contented and connected. Get yourself close to music. Recorded music is good but don’t miss a chance for a live music concert. The floor vibration is worth the feel.

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