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Know your Parenting Way by Astrological Sign

By Michelle Maxwell

In another lifetime, Michelle was a financial analyst before she decided to pursue her passion for freelance writing.  She can usually be found exploring beautiful trails with her husband and two dogs or taking photographs of sunsets.  In her free time, she maintains a blog at which reviews online psychic networks and services.


There are quite a few astrology articles published in regards to dating, self-care, and even raising one’s child according to their zodiac sign–but what about parenting? For example, a Capricorn parent may have a vastly different approach to their child’s upbringing as opposed to a Scorpio.

So what are the positive traits of each astrological parent and conversely, what negative attributes should they watch out for?

#1 Aries:

Being the youngest of the astrological signs, Aries can be a whole lotta fun when it comes to raising their brood. Somewhat childlike themselves, Aries parents tend to be lenient disciplinarians, often overlooking bad behavior and household chaos in the name of partaking in the high-spirited action. Be mindful of your parental role, Aries; what’s permissible now may be detrimental down the road!

#2 Taurus:

Make no mistake, the bull runs the show in his/her household. Rudeness, ignoring the rules, and lack of respect will seldom be tolerated on a Taurean parent’s watch. This usually leads to extremely well-behaved and gracious children, but can also lead to an overly strict regimen resulting in more than a little rebellion. Don’t be afraid to lighten up, dear Taurus, and rule with a firm but gentle hand.

#3 Gemini:

Extremely clever and quick on their feet, if anybody can keep up with the wit & wiles of a child it’s a Gemini parent. A Gemini’s offspring will seldom want for intellectual and cultural stimulation, but the astrological twins should be careful to slow their dizzying pace from time to time and allow their little ones the time and patience to take it all in.

#4 Cancer:

The crab is a natural-born nurturer, and often prefer to show their love from the kitchen, where they excel in the culinary arts. A Cancer’s child will never go hungry or undernourished, but this can also lead to food-as-therapy, rather than heart-to-heart discourse. Remember to take off the apron and give your child equal parts food for thought, dear Cancer!

#5 Leo:

The Lion will defend his or her family to the death, and woe to anyone who threatens their little cubs. This usually means Leo’s child will grow up confident and secure, but it could also mean pressure to always be strong and put up a bold facade at the risk of showing any vulnerability. Encourage your little prince and princess to exercise both courage and sensitivity, dear Leo, as befitting of a regal family such as yours.

#6 Virgo:

Sensible and sensitive, Virgo never stops fretting about their young one’s future, and many a late night will be spent going over the budget for college, checking up on homework, and making sure extracurricular activities are rounded out. You naturally want the best for your child, Virgo, but make sure you take the time to listen to their needs and desires and be supportive of their budding personalities.

#7 Libra:

Cool, calm, and always in search of a healthy balance, the Libran parent will always hear both sides of squabbling siblings before drawing any conclusions. This show of respect for all viewpoints is admirable, but know when to draw the line, Libra, and stick to your stance when you know it’s the right one!

#8 Scorpio:

Intense and deeply introspective, the Scorpion is passionately devoted to their loved ones. Such unwavering loyalty can often cause hurt feelings when the Scorpio parent feels that they are not being appreciated. Try to go with the flow more often, dear Scorpio, and not take your children’s ever-changing transitions personally.

#9 Sagittarius:

The fun-loving bachelors of the zodiac, these celestial archers are hard to pin down and even less inclined to take their parental roles seriously–after all, it’s a big world and full of adventure, so why be bound to the boring old everyday routine? You have the potential to bring a real zeal for life in your offspring, Sag, just make sure you’re not putting your own restless interests first.

#10 Capricorn:

Every bit as strict as their fellow earth sign Taurus, the Capricorn parent’s true desire is to instill self-discipline and appreciation for hard work in their young ones. This can be a wonderful value to impart, but be careful not to heap too many responsibilities on your little rams, dear Capricorn. Childhood is too brief to waste all that magic!

#11 Aquarius:

Let’s face it, Aquarians were born little adults, so it’s natural that they would refer to their own offspring in a similar manner. Forever philosophical and dedicated to higher learning, an Aquarian parent is often inclined to view their child as a counterpart, rather than, well, child. Make sure you’re not talking over your little one’s head, dear Aquarian, and remember to bring the conversation down a notch so that young minds can follow.

#12 Pisces:

These dreamy souls can whip up a fairy tale in an instant and set their children free to explore and create with abandon. Reality has never been high on the celestial fish’s list of priorities, but for the sake of your children’s stability, you may have to reel it in dear Pisces, and know when to return to terra firma!


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