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Is Your Basic Nature Masculine or Feminine?

Your horoscope chart is your true mirror. It shows the hidden aspects of your personality. A child in the early years shows its natural personality, but as she grows, she is turned up into an artificial  personality which she even does not recognise and carries the same life time. It is very important to know the true thyself. Once you know your true self, you can break the false pattern you have made and can know your true instinct and be comfortable with oneself.

A basic personality trait is being a masculine (dynamic and extrovert) or a feminine (magnetic and introvert) person.

Knowing one’s true nature can help in choosing the best career, a perfect relationship and a better environment to live in. A feminine personality in a shouty environment and drain her soul out and will be good for nothing. A masculine personality working aloof can bury his capability deep down the subconscious.

The true energy i.e. (Yin) feminine or masculine (Yang) depends on certain placement of important planets like lagna lord, moon, sun and mars. Certain signs are masculine and others are feminine. Here are some rules defined for it:

1. Signs: All odd signs carries masculine energy and even sign carries feminine energy ie 1(Aries),3(Gemini),5(Leo),7(Libra),9(Sagittarius),11(Aquarius) are masculine signs and 2(Taurus), 4(Cancer), 6(Virgo), 8(Scorpio), 10(Capricorn) and 12(Pisces) are feminine sign.

2. Body: If the lagna is masculine, your body is active and you are well suited for dynamic work. Same way you can check the sign where lagna lord is placed, and take an average of both.

3. Mind: If the moon is placed in masculine sign, your mind energy is masculine in nature, your mind is more occupied with work, mental activities (puzzles, games) and resolving issues. If your moon is placed in feminine sign, you are more active at emotional front, understanding subtle expression, enjoying nature, poems and beauty.

4. Soul: If your sun is in masculine sign, your soul journey is towards masculine energy karmas, while in feminine sign it shows more feminine energy karmas of this life.

5. If the Lagna lord, the Sun, or Mars is in the 10th house, there is a great amount of masculine energy emission when you work on something (regardless of sign)

6. If Mars, or the Sun is in the ascendant, regardless of the sign, it adds more Masculine energy to the body.

7. If Venus or Moon is in ascendant regardless of the signs they are in, you have more feminine energy in your body

It does not matter if you are a man or a woman,the kind of energy you have defines your true self.

It is of utmost importance to find which category your energy belongs to – the YIN (the moon, hidden and magnetic energy) or the YANG (the sun, worldly and dynamic energy).

To find out the kind of energy you have, get a consultation.

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