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Importance of Time and how to utilize time to achieve success

Time is precious. Just like we can buy precious commodities through money, similarly we can also buy precious knowledge, sharp brain, wealth, health, fame, name, happiness, peace and bliss through time. God has sent us with the precious wealth that is time and allowed us to spend this wealth in whatever we want in this world.

Time management is the key behind every successful person. If we invest even an hour of a day in a small task regularly, in a due course of time that small task can be converted into a big deed. If I read 40 pages in an hour, in one month I can read 1200 pages, in one year around 15,000 pages and in 10 years 1,50,000 pages. There can be around 100 books, which I would have read by this daily small investment of time. If these 100 books are of same subject, I could be an expert of a subject. If this is languages, I can learn all foreign languages in just three years. If I invest this one hour on physical exercise, I could gain 15 years of life!

Charles Fast, a well-known mathematics expert of US, invested one hour daily to learn mathematics, and is known as a great mathematician.

And the great Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar was a philosopher, academic educator, writer, translator, printer, publisher, entrepreneur, reformer and philanthropist. He was known by his punctuality so much that the shopkeepers on the roadside used to correct their watches when he used to commute daily in front of their shops.

Time is precious than wealth. The most common agony noticed when people die is that they regret about the time wasted in their lives. Time is such a wealth that cannot be stored for the future. It has its pace. We wish or not, we have to spend the time.

The true value of time is defined by the means on which the time is spent.

A person in a job gets a monthly salary. A wise man makes a budget on how he would like to spend his salary. Similarly, a wise man should also make a budget for hours to be spent in a day, so that time is not wasted and fully utilized.

One should categorize the hours of a day based on three important aspects of life:

  1. Health 2. Wealth 3. Social Obligations

A timetable helps in keeping us focussed, reduce unnecessary wastage of time and increase efficiency. Just think of a school without a timetable, how efficiently the students will grow and learn. A habit of doing a particular kind of work at a particular time and place helps in efficiency, as the energy of that area get converted into the specific ions required for the planned activity due to regular cycle of practice.

The whole universe is time bound. The regularity of all celestial bodies with time results in such mysterious yet organized universe. Being a part of the universe, we are bound to follow that practice for our own well being and the well being of our collecting universe.

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