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What to do if your house has Vastu Doshas?

This question has become a common query in the era of multi-storeyed apartment system where every apartment on a floor has a different direction. In such a fast-moving world, where everybody in the family is out for work, thinking about the lonely house is a rare case. But eventually, we realize the essence of our house once its energy starts disturbing our well laid out lives.

A house, apartment or room is not a non-living thing. It’s a living creature either full or deprived of energy. We always give importance to our energy but rarely notice the energy of the area we are living in. We even forget to establish a relation between the two.

Sometimes, we realize that a particular house is unlucky for us. There are a series of problems (health, finance, relationships etc) with no solution. Once we realize that it’s the house that is the cause of problems, we consult a Vastu expert for solutions. Among these cases, there are some severe cases where either reconstruction or changing a house is the only solution suggested. I’ll focus on these cases in this article.

Once you realize that your house is the cause of your problems and there is no solution except reconstruction or changing the house – DONT PANIC. This is just another creature with an imbalance in energy living with you. You need to take few steps to bring that into balance and eventually balance your life too:Identify spaces that you feel are the cause of your problems. There might be some dark, untidy, heavy spaces in which you don’t like to spend time. Clear the clutter. Beautiful and cleanliness are attributes of positive energy. Make your house as beautiful and tidy as you yourself are.

#1 First step:

Identify if there is a deficiency of a particular colour and also if a colour is too much used. Look out for all rainbow colours – Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. Every direction has a corresponding colour. Match different directions of your house with its corresponding colours. Violet in the west, Indigo in the south-east, blue in south-east and west, green in the north, yellow in south and north-east, orange in east, south and southwest, red in south and east. Applying colours in appropriate directions will enhance the vastu energy and bring balance.

#2 Second step:

Give some positive energy to your house. Sun and air are the natural forms of energies. Let your house be naturally lit and ventilated by opening doors and windows and using light and bright curtains in the dark room. Love your house by keeping it clean, spending quality time within.

#3 Third step:

Performing Yagna is another way to keep your house pure and free from any unwanted energies. Keep performing Yagna on weekends or holidays with your family participation. Lighting lamps or candles is another way for the same.

#4 Fourth step:

Balance your and family members energies by balancing your chakras. There are seven major chakras in our body. Any imbalance in any of the chakras is the cause of all physical and emotional problems. Chakras can be balanced by specific meditation, pranayama, diet, reiki, colour therapy, mantras and aromatherapy.


To get best results, follow these for at least twenty-one days and you will find significant improvement in your current situation. Maintaining a good relationship with your house and increasing its energy can reduce the effect of any Vastu dosh.


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