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History of Palmistry

By Janet Li

In the western countries, there are many people who are enthusiastic about palmistry. The books about palmistry also flood out.  The promotion of palmistry in the western countries was keenly related to the palmistry business of the gypsies. People think that gypsies are originated from India. They arrived in Europe in around 14 to 15 century. They lived afloat at that time. The ladies of gypsies were familiar with divination. Most of them would take divination as their occupation. We can say that the palmistry tradition of the gypsies does deeply affect the palmistry study of Europe.

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In 19th century, the palmistry technique of Camimir d’ Arpentigny and Desbarolles who came from France had made the basis for the palmistry study in the western countries. Among them, D’ Arpentigny was the officer of the French military.

He analyzed the relationships between the character and occupation to divide the hands into seven categories. The study of Camimir d’ Arpentigny is still the traditional hand shape categorized method. It is widely spread.


Desbarolles wanted to be a painter at the earliest. However, he became the palmist at the last. His writing has been widely spread. His palmistry knowledge has employed the western mystery study. He had concentrated on the classification on the palm and finger, the meaning of the palm line. He had found the basis of the more practical palmistry views.

In the modern times, the palmistry study has bent both western and eastern palmistry theories. It has been bent into the living of the people. The palmistry expert from both national and international countries has made the scientific assessment and get the following results: The palmistry study is a study that accumulates the experience of body characteristic analysis. It has the same position as that of the anatomy, genetics, and psychology.

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In China, there is a stream that bends the essence of both western and eastern palmistry study to form modern hand analysis. It has plucky employed the knowledge of personality psychology, discovery psychology, and pathology. It can make use of the characteristic of the hand to make the comprehensive calculation about the change of psychology, emotions, the health of the people. Moreover, the modern hand analysis has combined the previous theoretical system of hand analysis study to reinforce its prediction function. It makes it be equipped with the practicality in the aspect of criminal investigation analysis, pathological analysis, and psychological analysis. The modern hand analysis has introduced the theory of the “Yi Jing” to make the theory to be stricter and the judgment to be more accurate.

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About Janet:

Janet Li is based in Hong Kong, I am a freelance writer who specializes in palmistry. Apart from writing articles, I read the palms for the people. My website is


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