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Find Your Lucky Gemstone and Its Ideal Weight

Guest Post By: Georgina Chambers

Dr. Georgina Chambers has more than 45 years of experience in the world of Gemstone and minerals. After obtaining her Ph.D. from Harvard University, she has written numerous books that are still among the most widely used guidebooks on crystals, gemstone, and minerals in the world. Currently, she is working as gemologist in the Global Institute of Gemology Association in the UK where she helps to needy people to find gemstones. Although her primary activities have been as a gemstone cutter and dealer.

Gemstones are believed to have mystical powers that can help the wearer in all his/her endeavors. The gemstones have been the subject of interest among astrologists and mineralogist since ages. Both of these fields have been searching the applications of gemstones for ages. They have made striking discoveries regarding the applications of gemstones. Many believe that certain gemstones emit energies that are beneficial to humans and this has been proved by many scientists and gemmologists.

Even though the gemstones are beneficial, it is important that the wearer and the gemstone match. Only particular gemstone(s) can work for a particular individual. Hence this phenomenon is then extended to finding the lucky gemstone because that gemstone brings luck to the wearer. But the question that is asked frequently is how to know if a gemstone is lucky for them? Here are some factors that will help you know if the gemstone is lucky for you.

Based On Star Signs

This is the most commonly known method of finding out which particular gemstones are lucky for the wearer. Each gemstone is related to the star sign of an individual based on the color and ancient planetary studies. Here is the list of each star sign and the gemstone that is best for the wearer with the particular star sign.

  • ARIES – Blue Sapphire is best.
  • TAURUS – Emerald is best.
  • GEMINI – Yellow Sapphire is best.
  • CANCER – Opal is best.
  • LEO – Emerald is best.
  • VIRGO – Pearl is best.
  • LIBRA – Ruby is best.
  • SCORPIO – Ruby is best.
  • SAGITTARIUS – Emerald is best.
  • CAPRICORN – Red Coral is best.
  • AQUARIUS – Yellow Sapphire is best.
  • PISCES – Red Coral is best.

Based On Needs Of The Wearer

This is another method of finding the lucky gemstone. The needs of the wearer are considered for this method. Everyone will have different needs and a special gemstone will provide them enough energy to accomplish their tasks. Although this system is primitive, this is a technique that has been proved effective for many individuals. Many times the gemstones are suggested by the astrologers based on the wearer’s star sign.

Based On The Birth Time And Date

The planetary position during the time of your birth is considered for this method. The strongest planet during your birth is considered as the planet of your life based on that the perfect gemstone for you is selected. The finger that you choose to wear the stone also holds significance in the result that it brings. The selected gemstone is believed to bring the wearer good fortune and good health, hence proving itself lucky for the wearer.

How To Find The Ideal Weight Of The Gemstone?

To buy a gemstone based on its weight is not an easy task. The gemstone is weighed in terms of carats where one carat is equal to 200 milligrams. There are different cuts based on which the carat of the gemstone is derived. Some design requires space to craft hence also increasing the weight of the gemstone in the process. Based on the process to find your lucky stone and the preferred design the ideal weight of your gemstone can be found.

There are several gemstones that can be your lucky stone and you can find it with the above-given methods. There are many online websites that provide the best quality gemstones. But before you buy the gemstone based on its ideal weight make sure that you only buy certified gemstones from online stores.

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