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Conquering Sorrow with a Simple Technique

Recently I went to visit a friend in a hospital and I paused near a corridor due to a  one-liner in Hindi “कुछ भी बिना कारण नहीं होता” i.e. “Nothing in life happens without a reason”.  I sat on the bench near the corridor and tried to feel the depth of this one-liner. Such a deep lesson of life said in such simple words that a child can also understand. I captured the quote on my mobile phone and took it as a homework for the next few days. Generally, to understand anything deeply, there are three action steps.

  1. To understand the literal meaning of the subject to be absorbed which goes first into our short term memory.
  2. To think about it from conscious mind for a good amount of time and agree or disagree with it based on one’s perception.
  3. To meditate on the thought, go deep inside the subconscious mind to acknowledge similar experiences/feeling as the feeling for the subject to be absorbed completely.

I did so and realized at least fifteen such incidents speaking the same thought. Whether it may be an illness, an accident, a fight, an argument, bad day, an ecstasy, a laugh, a compliment or a smile – everything you experience is a repercussion of what is inside you, of what you have been storing in the sub-consciousness. Every action is connected through an unseen thread to our past karmas and that’s why “Nothing in life happens without a reason”.

Life cannot be given a single color. As a whole, it is such a beautiful combination of shades & tones and a perfect mixture of opposite colors. If one removes the ‘I’ from the life, there is no chance that the beauty of this rainbow can be unseen.

One of my friends was having trouble in married life. The lady was not acknowledged for any of her contribution at home and was not respected by her husband. When I asked her to recall what wrong she has done to her husband due to which she is getting such reactions, as there has to be some reason for her suffering. She could not recall any such big incident with her husband or anybody else. The problem was growing daily and she decided not to sacrifice her self-respect anymore and go for divorce. But that was also not easy as her child would suffer after. On request, she went for a past life regression session, where she encountered incidents in her past life, where she had physically abused her husband mercilessly. She was a dominating lady in her past life and supported by an influential and arrogant father. As the session was completed, she understood the reason for her present life misery completely and she decided to deal with it rather run away. (She saw the connecting thread!)

This incident strengthened my belief on the life’s action and reaction theory. And with more research and case studies I understood a very effective remedy for any kind of sorrow in one’s life.

And the remedy is “Confession” or “पश्चाताप”

Whether you remember your bad deeds or not, whether the deeds belong to this birth or some other birth, we took birth for a reason. And the reasons are to compensate our previous deeds and to fulfill our left desired. There is no reason to believe that we are pure and free from bad deeds (why would we take birth then? And it’s the ego that tells us so). So, whenever you encounter a sorrow, think of it as one of your bad karma evaporating at the surface. Feel good that one dirty patch is getting wiped from the soul’s journey (प्रारब्ध) and you are towards a pure soul journey.

Once the karma theory is well understood the next step is to practice “Confession”. It gives immense support in coming out of any kind of sorrow.

A simple affirmation “Forgive me God for my past mistakes. Give me the vision to recognize my mistakes and ability to correct them.” works well.

In a case one is mentally disturbed to understand anything and confess, I would suggest going for a past-life regression therapy. It really helps to clear the clouds and help to see the truth of our deeds.

To know in which areas of life, you have pending karmas you may take a consultation.

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