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How to manage stress within 10 minutes – Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is the most natural form of breathing. Have you ever noticed the way babies breathe? They breathe through their bellies. The deep sleep that children get is due to the natural breathing pattern by birth. This skill of breathing is inborn but as the child grows, it usually results in the loss of the natural skill of deep breathing until it is intentionally maintained.

Woman – The Key to Happiness at Home

Millions of people are stressed due to difficult family life. People do not feel peace at home and hence they spend more time outside. There is only one way to make home a peaceful place, where one gets the deep sleep to rejuvenate for the next morning.

5 relaxation techniques for people who cannot meditate

For peace of mind, meditation is the ultimate method but for people who are scared of trying to meditate or not sure of how to begin, there are other very simple ways to start with.
time and life energy

The Time Clock and the Life Energy – What is the purpose of Life?

The quality of Life energy inside us at the time of death determines our next birth and the learning we need to take that transform in the form of events. As we improve our life energy, we are then aligned to different situations, places  and people that matches our energy. The more we raise our life energy and vibrations the more we benefit.

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