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Yajna Remedy for planets

Similar to gemstones remedy, another very effective remedy is Yajna for planets. A combined Yajna for all the planets is also preferred as it effect all the aspects of one’s life in a positive manner.

What should i donate? – The true meaning of charity

A charity happening between a true donor and a true receiver is an act of god, and the feeling involved in this act washes away multiple bad karmas of both donor and receiver. It brings joy, satisfaction and mental peace

Treatment of planets through Aromatherapy

Smell is very closely associated with memories. A smell can bring on a flood of memories from childhood. It has capability to influence one's moods, energy levels and even performance.

Is Your Basic Nature Masculine or Feminine?

Knowing one’s true nature can help in choosing the best career, a perfect relationship and a better environment to live in. A feminine personality in a shouty environment and drain her soul out and will be good for nothing. A masculine personality working aloof can bury his capability deep down the subconscious

Remedy for North-East Toilet – Biggest Vastu Dosha

In case you have toilet in North-East, you might observe wastage of money, never-ending debts, failure to pay loans and other related financial issues in your family. There can be inability of decision making due to confusion, and cheerfulness may be missing in the family due to an unidentified depressive feeling.
Foreign Settlement

5 effective Astrological Remedies for foreign settlement

The culture of abroad settlement is in India since decades. Due to IT industry booming in India, it has now become a common practise....
Make Money Fast

Mantra for quick money – आक्स्मिक धन प्राप्ति/ धन वृद्धि मंत्र

Laxmi is the goddess for finance. When the goddess Laxmi bestows her auspicious blessings on one, money flow is tremendous and unimaginable. There are...
How to get Job

Powerful mantra remedy to get Job

Sun is the planet for reputation,prosperity and abundance in life. Sun is the energy which is needed in workplace and is very much required...

Use of Numerology in Prasna Jyotish Shastra

Prasna Jyotish (Question Astrology) is an eloquent application of astrology. In Prasna Jyotish, seeker asks question and the prediction is made by making the horoscope of that specific date, time and place (when and where question is asked). Tarot is another method based on similar concept.

What is the purpose of life? Do Rahu and Ketu hold the secret?

Every human being is born with a purpose in his life. The soul had a clear vision of the purpose before getting into an embryo. There must be something remaining i.e. learnings, desires unfulfilled due to which a soul decides to take birth and attains a body.

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