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Cancer Horoscope


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CANCER (21 Jun – 22 Jul)

Cancer (The Crab) is the 4th sign of the zodiac. Cancerians are known for imagination, emotional behavior and flexibility. First water sign of the zodiac, Cancer people are real charmers and make people comfortable around them. They are fond of extraordinary lifestyle and comforts. They work smartly and find workarounds very easily. They share a good rapport with their boss and themselves are a great boss. Reading psychology of others & counsel when required is part of their life. Their extra-sensitive nature makes them vulnerable.


During 2018, you would be inclined towards religious and spiritual pursuits. There may be a lot of short journeys to take.  You will be connected to your heart and will try to help as many people as possible through your means.

September will be great as you feel at the top of the world; a kind of freedom will be experienced by you, and you will e very expressive at this period of time. Being a watery sign, you have the tendency to be in your own imaginative world. Sometimes you get so deep into this that you feel lost in the practical scenarios. You need to be more determined and focused regarding work and health. Do not indulge in other’s controversy or dispute.

Love Life

Being an emotional person, you would be able to give your love and attention to your family and people close to your heart.

If you are single and looking for partner or have a relationship, this year brings lot of emotions, passion and love.

Romantic lovers can be prepared for the best! Your compatibility in love relationships will get a lot more passionate, and loving than before. Go with the flow.

Career and Finance

Hard work will be the key to success for Cancer people during 2018. There might be changes in work domain, location, team and you should welcome changes and give your best. Students who are looking forward for higher education, September onwards are favorable timings for it.

Work and business will remain the focus of your life for this whole year. Things will move faster than usual, for the initial months. You will be full of energy to handle new changes.


Your mind is active and healthy. You will feel optimistic and energized. Take initiative to do the best to make your body fit and healthy. Exercise more with new techniques. Blend Yoga and meditation with your energy to get best results.

You might feel the loss of stamina sometimes. Some mild issues related to the lower abdomen, navel area, gastric issues might turn on. Avoid junk food and have a healthy diet. Do meditation to avoid any mental stress.




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