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Brief introduction to Tarot and how to learn Tarot?

Tarot has been always seen as the mystical science. The mysterious cards, symbols, figures and signs on a card can be depicted in thousand of ways. In this technique, seeker is asked to pull card(s) from the Tarot spread having the problem in his mind. Based on the cards drawn, the Tarot reader predicts the possible outcome or solution to the given problem.

There are two aspects to the tarot reading – the cards and the reader.

  1. These cards have their own energy when they are bought. This energy is the collective energy of tarot cards used by millions of tarot readers across the century. The second energy is the energy put into the cards by the card reader by meditating & activating the cards bought from the market. This takes hours, days, months and years and the cards keep on becoming connected to the higher source as they are being meditated upon and used. Each card is meditated upon to understand the higher meaning of each card and to establish a relation with each card.
  2. The second aspect is the tarot reader. A tarot reader needs to be intuitive, spiritual, meditative and the aura of a tarot reader should speak of them as grown-up souls.

These sciences are based on the fact the time and the moment itself has answer to the problem. The universe is a mystery. Any event, universal or personal is the part of this mystery. Our thoughts and karmas are energy. The energy of subconscious when is on the verge to explode converts into events in one’s life. Subconscious holds the knowledge of what is going to happen, which karmas are going to be converted into events. An intuitive person, who can peep into the subconscious, gets hunches of the upcoming events through good or bad feelings.

Tarot is a tool to tap the subconscious. It can help you understand yourself better by understanding the energy of subconscious mind’s inner resources. First and foremost practice one has to follow before being a tarot reader is to do a daily reading for self. This practice helps in building a relation with your tarot card and connect with your inner guide regularly. This is important to understand and sharpen your intuition and to get confident about the readings.  One does not have to have “psychic powers” to use the tarot successfully. The willingness to know the natural intuition and tap the subconscious is the driving force, and rest can be developed over a period of time.

For beginners, there are many Tarot card decks available in the market. One can start with anyone of them. I personally use and recommend ‘Rider Waite Cards’ for beginners as they are one of the oldest and most used Tarot deck.


Also, there are some guidelines on how to keep and use Tarot cards and how to energize them. Detailed guidelines will be published in another article.

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