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6 Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act but a habit”  by Will Durant, is an excellent quote to describe a person’s habit. We understand people by their habits. Successful people are known to be successful because of their habits. There are numbers of books written which analyse the daily routine followed by successful people across the globe. You can draw your daily time-table and compare it with the time-table of a successful person. You can clearly analyse where you are lacking to achieve a healthy and successful lifestyle.

We are on this earth for a number of years only. Time is limited, and if you have a zest of doing something in life, you need to take care of time. A goal whether short term or long term needs time management. Your day is made by how you start it. If you start it with optimism, energy and enthusiasm, it is bound to be a great day.

Lets discuss few hand picked and personal experienced habits which if you follow will not only make your day but will also keep you healthy life long.


#1 Waking up early:

Waking up early is a natural body phenomenon. The rising sun with birds chirping and the cold breeze blowing tells our senses to wake up and enjoy the best part of the day i.e. the MORNING. It is only an hour of the morning which hold the best of the day’s energy. And if we are in a habit of missing the best hour daily, we are missing the life of the day. A person who is habitual of waking up early and utilizing the golden morning hour, can’t afford to miss it. Even if we see the life of any successful person at present or in past, the first habit of being successful is time management, and utilizing the morning hours. The best thing to do when you wake up, is to first cleansed your body and detoxify it from the yesterday’s residual energy. This prepares you for an energetic day ahead. The second point described below explains how one can detoxify the body.


#2 Drinking water as the first thing in the morning:

Drinking water in the morning is an excellent habit to detoxify your body and to keeps yourself away from diseases throughout life. If you practice this habit regularly, you will notice that your body immunity has tremendously increased. It is due to the regular detoxification you are performing with your body at the perfect time it is actually needed. It is great if you can drink two glasses of lukewarm water daily as soon as you get up from bed. It is even awesome if you can have a spoon of roughly grinded flaxseeds with your glass of water. Flaxseed is rich in antioxidant and fibres. Drinking water with flaxseed is like detoxifying the body and adding a spoon of fresh life to your body daily. It is ultimate healthy if you can start your day like this.


#3 Walk Barefoot:

The second thing you should do put your feet on the ground. As the feet touches the ground especially the soil or grass, it transmits all negative energy to the ground. Walking few steps on the grass rejuvenates the lower portion of the body and also activates your brain for the day. It also connects with the earth element, which is the base element among the five elements our body is made of. It also balance our first chakra i.e. Mooladhara chakra which is located at the base of the spine. By balancing mooladhara chakra, we feel safe, secured and get rid of the feeling of insecurity whether it is related to job, relationship or any other daily activity.

#4 Inhale morning fresh air:

The third best thing you can give to your body and specially your lungs is the oxygen rich fresh air of the morning. Morning is the only time, the air has the best oxygen quality. Our body needs 500 litres of oxygen daily, which we seldom get in the toxic and air-conditioned environment. Morning fresh air is rich in oxygen, and we should spend at least 20-30 minutes in open air, to get splendid oxygen. You should take deep breaths in the morning to inhale as much oxygen you can. Deep breaths also relaxes your mind and prepare you for an energetic yet balanced day. ‘Pranayam’ is a great way to incorporates deep breaths with rhythm. You should take out at least 10-15 minutes for pranayam daily or according to the time available to you.


#5 Sun bath:

With everything else, sun is also at its best at the morning hour. Our body is made of five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether. With drinking water, walking barefoot and inhaling fresh air, you have already done justice with the three elements. Letting the body absorb the Sun’s Ultra Violet rays is helpful in many ways. It is not only the natural dose of Vitamin D available free, but also sensitize our body with the fire energy which we need to work, throughout the day. Morning sun is beneficial for all our organs to work properly and is specially required for our skin to rejuvenate. While absorbing sun, one can also bow to the sun and express gratitude for its energy, bestowed on us for free.

#6 Morning walk or exercise:

The last thing you should do before you gear up for the daily routine work is to exercise or do a brisk walk. You can combine the morning sun bath with morning walk if you live around an open area. If not, you can replace walk with simple push-ups, jogging, stretching exercise or Yoga whatever suits you. A balcony, terrace or garden is the best place for morning exercise combined with morning sunbath. This should be done after you are done with the cleaning of bowels, as it increases the fire energy and prepares for the first food you will intake. A sun-salutation (surya namaskar) is the best combination to combine deep breathing, sunbath and stretching.


These habits can be combined together if possible. An example scenario is you wake up early at 5:30 or 6:00 and drink two glasses of lukewarm water with flax-seeds. After cleaning bowels, you started deep breathing on your terrace garden, walking barefoot and doing sun salutation, while absorbing the morning sun too. After spending half an hour outside, you are set for all other activities and an energetic day ahead.

We can only cherish life if we are healthy. A body with a disease, can not even enjoy a cup of tea. If you want to enjoy life, you have to take out the morning hour for your body. With the lifestyle we are in today, this is the minimum we need to do. And it is not at all difficult to follow. When you will develop this into a habit, you will not be able to un-follow it. It is just that you need to understand the importance, initiate and develop it into a habit.


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