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6 effective ways to fall asleep fast

Anxiety and Insomnia affects more than 50% of people of the world now especially above age 60. People have problems in falling asleep. For some, it may take an hour or so of trying to fall asleep, but some people wake up all night in just trying to fall asleep and just get an early morning nap to refresh themselves. A good sleep is essential for the functionality of the coming day as it is the rejuvenation of body and mind.We go through healing and recover from mental stress in deep sleep, our body is healed in restful sleep. We feel refreshed after a good sleep, energized to take more challenges and ready to face our problems with more clarity. It is sad that a good percentage of the people in this world are facing personal lives problem or stress, many of them suffer from insomnia resulting in lack of adequate sleep and rest. Lack of sleep results in malfunctioning of other internal organs. Sleeplessness in long term can cause major diseases due to this malfunctioning.

Hence whatever the reason be, whether personal, professional or general, a person with insomnia or sleeplessness needs to find solution to it.

Here are 5 effective methods to improve your sleep and hence live a healthy life:

#1 Aroma:

Among the five senses, Smell is the most subtle sense organ. Even a mild smell can trigger your subconscious mind and bring on surface a number of experiences attached to that smell. While a sight can be, a smell can never be deceptive. Animals and humans chose their partners based on smell only. Based on research and findings, it is experienced that using the aroma of Lavender oil results in falling asleep.

Method: You can use the Lavender oil in lamps, or a drop of oil on neck or back or forehead to go into the world of deep sleep. It is completely safe to use and does not calls for addiction.

#2 Mantra:

The problem of insomnia is age old. There are sacred Vedic Sanskrit mantras in ancient Hindu religion text chanting which induces sleep in the body. The vibrations of the mantras synchronize with the vibrations of chakras hence releasing blockages and inducing sleep.

Method: Take a glass of water and keep it on the palm of your left hand. Cover the water by the palm of your right hand and chant the following mantra –

Ya devi sarvabhuteshu, Nidra rupena samsthita I Namastasyai II Namastasyai II Namastasyai namo namaha II

The mantra means “We bow to the divine Goddess in all existence who resides in the form of Sleep. We bow to her, we bow to her, we continually bow to her.” Chant this mantra at least 21 time, and drink the cup of charged water feeling that sleep sensation is getting induced in every part of your body through the water medium. Even after lying down, you can keep chanting the mantra till you fall asleep.

#3 Vastu Shastra:

Change your direction of sleep if your head face North while sleeping.

Sleeping with head in North can cause high pressure in brain and you can feel agitated. This is due to the alignment of iron inside your body with the earth magnetic field. If one sleeps for a long duration with head facing North, one could have hemorrhages and paralytic strokes.

So, you need to assure that you are not sleeping with head facing North. The best position is when your head faces South while on bed. If you keep your direction of head right, the magnetic fields will sync and keep your head light, hence helping you fall asleep faster.

#4 Acupressure:

In acupressure, there are points for relaxation and inducing sleep. Pressing these points helps in tiredness and overcoming sleepless nights by restoring and regulating brain functioning.

  • Massage gently over the area between your eyebrows for a minute.
  • Massage between the dips between your fingers and the toes. These are also called webs and are the starting points of nerves.
  • Massage both of your ears for a minute
  • The energy points are located on the 3/4th of tiny finger from nail. Massage the tiny fingers of hand and tiny toes for a minute. It will give you energy to fight stress and hence help you to fall asleep faster. Get an acupressure ring for effective massaging.

#5 Read a book:

Reading before sleeping is a very good habit to replace watching TV before sleeping. Reading stories, spiritual or inspirational book before bed will shift your awareness from heavy stressful thoughts to more relaxation, lighter and positive thoughts. Reading is always said to be the best medicine to sleep faster. 

#6 Meditate:

Meditation calms the mind, reduced heart beat and anxiety and is really helpful in sleep. Do a simple meditation like Aanapan while lying down  before sleeping. Turn off the lights and lie down on your bed. Observe the area around the nostrils while taking normal breaths. Do not try to take longer or shorter breath than what is normal breath for you. Observe how the air goes inside the nostrils when you breath in and how it gets own through the nostrils while you breath out. Keep on observing the breath. If a thought pop ups, just instruct the monkey mind to keep aside the thought and observe the breath. Once the thoughts are lightened, you will feel relaxed and this will help you to fall asleep faster.

These six methods to cure insomnia are the best selected from experts in different health and spiritual fields. You may try one of them or combine them in order to see the effects. At Least try a method for 21 days in a row to feel the difference.

Have a good night sleep 🙂


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