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5 relaxation techniques for people who cannot meditate

A lot of people cannot meditate. They find meditation difficult to do. Minds of busy people are so much used of working and thinking that simply sitting in relaxed posture and doing nothing, not even thinking is a nightmare. And when we are unable to do a task, we reject the whole idea of it.Some people don’t like to even talk about meditation and participating in any such discussion makes them uncomfortable. We have left our life in an automatic gear where we have no control of what we do or think. Such life patterns lead to a most common problem of modern world i.e. STRESS. The Stressful mind has become a real life problem for a 10 year old kid to 70 year old man. It is a residual product of restless mind.  Whether we admit or not, our mind’s food is peace, and peace of mind is absolutely possible through meditation.

Hence for relaxation and peace of mind, it is necessary to tame the chattering monkey mind. The continuous thinking pattern that we have developed takes a lot of energy and we feel exhausted

While if we practice some ways to conserve the energy which we lose in unnecessary thinking, we can build worlds!. This is how most successful people leave their marks. For peace of mind, meditation is the ultimate method but for people who are scared of trying to meditate or not sure of how to begin, there are other very simple ways to start with.

#1 Waking up early

People who miss the morning sun are deprived of the nature’s best beauty and energy. The morning air, the chirping of birds, sunrise and the sky is the best gift of nature to mankind. Spending the early morning in activities like walk, meditation, yoga or just sipping a cup of tea is the bliss of the day. One who have experienced the benefits of waking up with sun, will never effort to lose a single morning sleeping late.

Try to experience the morning bliss, and you will be amazed to see what nature bestows in the early morning.

#2 Reading in a quiet corner

Book reading was one of the favourite pastime, a decade ago which is losing its importance in the era of smartphones. People have shifted from paper to screen reading. But we also know the side effects of holding smartphones for longer period. Serious readers still hold their favourite paperback copies with them while travelling or beside their bed. Reading is an evergreen habit which is independent of technology. No matter what you read, a novel, an inspirational book or a newspaper, you should never give up on the habit of reading books. ‘Books are our the best friend’ is a golden quote which hold true in all eras. People who read books, seeks no company to stick with. They are independent creatures full of knowledge, ideas and are sharp minded.

Try to develop the habit of reading a book. How long you read book doesn’t matter, even reading a page is more than enough. You can start with a 10 min routine of reading book.

#3 Deep breathing

Breathing is the carrier of ‘Prana’, the ‘Chi’ or the life energy of the body. Shallow breathing is one of the subtle cause of most of diseases. Shallow breathing and anxiety are sisters in crime, which 70% of urban population is stuck with. Research has also proved now that deep breathing leads to longer life. It is said and believed that we are born with limited breaths. The deeper we take each breath, the longer we are on the planet. It is very easy to change your shallow breath to deep breathing. In shallow breath, we take lesser oxygen, use only one-tenth of our lungs capacity and take the breath from chest. When we change our shallow breath to deeper one, we take the breath to the bottom of our stomach, take ample oxygen and use the complete lungs capacity.

Deep breathing has hundreds of positive impacts on this which we will discuss in another blog.

The crux is to observe when you take shallow breaths and convert them into deep breathing.

#4 Walking alone

It is a myth that meditation has to be motionless. Meditation is free from any posture. One of the reason people are scared of meditation is due to the sitting instructions in meditation programs. Sitting motionless with closed eyes scares people. Meditation is thoughtlessness and it can happen in any dynamism. Dancing is another motion meditation. Another easy way to attain thoughtlessness is to have a walk with oneself. Walking has a rhythm just like breathing. Walking alone without distraction turns your body into a music which you will enjoy once you start noticing.

When you walk, just observe your hands and feets and how the whole body synchronize with the rhythm of your feets. The hands, shoulders, breath, chest, abdomen and every little body part is so much in tune. Try to notice this rhythm while you walk and you will love your body’s music.

#5 Looking up to the moon

In astrology moon is the significator of mind. Moon cycle controls the universal mind and so the individual’s too. People get more emotional on a full moon. It is a fact that most of the emotional outburst that turns into accidents like suicide happens on the full moon day. Moon has a direct connection with your mind and thoughts. Just looking up to the moon for sometime and admiring it or praying calms the mind. If you can develop this habit of watching the sky at night, you will feel connected to the celestial bodies and the source. In Indian villages, people have the tradition to sleep outside their homes at night. Subconsciously, the habit worked very well in getting synchronized with the universal entities and stay happy and connected.

Habit to meditate regularly is the ultimate way to live a blissful life. You should take your own time to think, chose, learn and practice. But it is our responsibility towards our body and soul to be on the right track. Try these simple tricks to get tune to nature and give your monkey mind some task to do other than chattering.

Read. Relax. Rejuvenate.


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    Very good and effective tips. Worth to be followed.

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