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5 Great Parenting Lessons every Parent should learn from Osho

Osho, I feel has not only touched every topic on this earth but has done that very deeply. The best thing about Osho is that he would give great real-life examples to support and understand whatever topic he touches. He is 360 degrees open-minded, so his views are worldly and applicable to the latest era.

Osho has given a lot of emphasis on the way of parenting. Here are few tips which Osho recommends for parents:

#1 Children are born creative.

Every child is special. A child lives in the present moment and hence is full of joy. Children enjoy small things like making boats, throwing pebbles in water, watching stars and every moment that comes. A child has so much energy, parents just need to channelize this energy into right direction without forcing anything on them.

#2 Children are fearless.

They are the lions in their den. They love climbing trees, racing, jumping and love doing risky tasks. If parents and society can fulfill their basic nature of being fearless yet making them safe, they will grow into nation’s heroes. Societies and families should stop inducing fear in young children through scolding, failure in exams and imposing religious beliefs on them. If we can watch out for unnecessary fears in our children and help them overcome already existing fears, we can really help them grow.

#3 Children and optimism:

Every child has a shiny world in her eyes. Look at the eyes of any child and you will see a dream full of optimism. Parents and teachers should avoid using ‘don’t’ and ‘No’. It pushes their creative energy down. Let the child learn themselves from mistakes. Let them climb trees, jump over fences, dance in rain. Parents should let a child enjoy the life completely. Their duty is to just watch their safety.

#4 Children and Love:

Children and dogs are the best examples in our society for selfless love. A child and a dog can end depression from a home. We should let our children love their relations. They should spend time with their friends, cousins. Parents should never stop hugging their children as they grow. They should be tapped, kissed, hugged and given as much warmth as a small plant deserves the warmth of a sun. Avoid scolding small children, which induces fear and affect their chakras.

#5 Children and Meditation:

Some societies and parents might think that children are too small for meditation. But if we can help children be meditative, we can change their past karmas and hence their lives. Not only this, meditation can help them focus more on the study as well as polish their talents. You can help your child find her hidden talent through meditation.It is very easy to attune children to meditation as they are not yet conditioned to any belief system.


Parents should not treat children as their property. They are just the caretaker of a child of God. Parents and society should give small children due respect. Their feelings and thoughts should be welcomed and given value. If we are thinking of a good society, the first and foremost thing we should focus on is i.e. Children


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